60 minutes is one of my favorite shows, I watch it from the app on my iPad at the most random times…  I feel like I need to be distracted while I use my magic wand on my quest for an “O”, so I usually bang it out to Steve Kroft or Lara Logan.  Haha…  Lara’s accent gets me going and Steve Kroft always interviews the best people.  I also watch it when I’m drunk, no wonder I drink alone.  :)  I usually have to watch an episode 2 or 3 times in order to retain the whole piece, I can’t be this pretty and smart, JK.

One of my favorite interviews was with Will Smith.  He told Steve Kroft a few stories that I could totally relate to.  First was how Fresh Prince of Bel Air was his first acting job.  He said he was so adamant about not messing up that he memorized everyone’s lines.  I do the same.  My “oooooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s, and the director’s, “suck in” lines are mastered, haha.  The director really hasn’t ever said it, but we were all thinking it!  The other story Will mentioned was about how when he was 16 years old his girlfriend cheated on him.  His thought was it was because he, “wasn’t good enough”.  He said from that day forward he would never not be good enough again.  I had a boyfriend when I was 18 years old that cheated on me, and I had the same feeling.  Sadly, I’ve been played like a piano ever since.  Haha :)

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