q&a_0415*** Its 2015 and time for some fun questions to see what Audrey is up to and thinks.  Check these out and let us know if you agree or disagree.  Yup yup!

Choose one… Adidas or Nike?
Adidas from the waist up and Nike down low.

Choose one… Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate – I don’t trust anyone that would choose vanilla over it!!  Haha or and if you have an outty belly button. jk jk

Choose one… TV or Movies?
TV – Housewivessss and 60 Minutes, hellooo!

Choose one… New York or Los Angeles?
NYC – I have no babysitter, JB.  :)

Choose one… Soft or Hard?
Soft hurts my feelings, haha.  Hard and harderrrr

Choose one… Summer or Winter?
Summerrrr – I need the sun, makes me happy.

Choose one… Photo or Video?
Photo – I’m less annoying.  Haha

Choose one… Baja Fresh or Chipotle?
Baja Fresh over everything always.

Choose one… Cupcakes or Cookies?
Cookies – Chocolate Chip after I pick out half of them are the bestttt.

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Iron Man, Captain America, Thor
Kill them all.  That would make me a super super hero right????