bg_020516Sad to start off the 2016 like this, but will be closing in 30 days!  Yes, thats right.  Audrey is moving on to bigger and better things.  We both sat down to discuss this site and the future of this site.  We both realized that we both were moving on to doing other things and that we could not give the site the attention it deserves.  So, with that in mind we both agreed it was time to shut down and move on.  PLEASE understand its all for the good.

We both want to thank you for ALL your support and love through the years.  Seriously, for me its been amazing to see the loyalty you have for all that is Audrey.  We both have had more fun than anyone ever and if you looked at anything on this site, you would agree!  We did this site for US and to share our fun with you.  We close it down knowing that we succeeded and that feels good.

Again… THANK YOU for all your support and understanding from the bottoms of our hearts!