IMG_0846I finally met Scarlet Stone last week, I think I scared her haha… Richard wanted us to meet because she helps a lot with my site and he then had us do an unexpected interview.  My inimitable personality isn’t so good on the spot, I needed something to give it a kick start.  Nothing like a glass of Veuve to get me going haha.  The topic of discussion was who’s the true Britney Spears aficionado.  I had a strong argument as to why it was me, but then got really distracted by the drinks, happens. :-)  My mind set changed, the battle of the “B” was now for the “B”-ottle.  Let me tell you I definitely won!  I’m sure you’ll be able to more than tell in the Scarlett Talks episode which airs on February 1st on the Blog.  Drinking out of the bottle with a straw is never a good idea, Oops I did it again!!

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