If the plane goes down or the boat goes under,  we better be landing (softly) in Turks and Caicos, with the following items:

  1. Suction cups – keep the blood flowing.
  2. Uggs –  I even wear them in Maui, no lie.  Don’t believe in seasonal, unless when referring to boys.
  3. Pot – def
  4. Champagne – Helps pass the time… And OUT.
  5. Richard Avery –  If the beach is nice, we have to shoot. If it isn’t, he has to clean it.  BYOS (Bring your own swiffer)
  6. Cook –  He better be familiar or have had Baja Fresh at some point in time.  And know who Betty Crocker is… Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles.
  7. Vitamins – The more the merrier,  seeking that Guinness world record of oldest broad to live, I’m thinking to 111yrs old.  Make a wish.  By then it may be to die…
  8. Masseuse – Must be my man, Law aka magic hands.
  9. Kangen Water, shower apparatus also –  Stay alkaline.
  10. Male – just in case I get bored… Magic wand is def #1 choice though.  High speed all day.
  11. Scrabble – Duhhhhhhhhhhh, dictionary too!


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