This is one of my favorite pictures ever.  Brilliant photographer, I know, yours truly :)  I took this a few months ago when I was in Africa.  It was the best trip ever, it’s the one place I’ve always wanted to go.  We spent the first half of the trip doing a safari, and the second portion diving, where I took this photo.  I went with one of really good friends who isn’t a raging pothead like me, so I had to sneak the puffs haha.  He isn’t against it, and knows I smoke, but when I insinuated I had pot, he looked at me like I was retarded.   It was pretty retard of me, but seeing a lion eat a hippo is so much better stoned :)  Anyway, this picture was taken on a smoke break, while listening to lil Wayne, so good.  ***I’m not that retarded to bring my stash back, so I buried it.  Malindi beach has two grams and a decent pipe in the sand.  Start digging……  Oh, and a lighter, yup, I got you……..   And don’t ask how i got it there… Ewwwww… JK.

Yup yup,

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