0215_q&a*** Its 2015 and time for some fun questions to see what Audrey is up to and thinks.  Check these out and let us know if you agree or disagree.  Yup yup!

What was the best concert you ever saw?  Who, when & where?
Miley in Dallas.  I was so close I saw her razor burn, haha… turned me on.  On the walk back to the Ritz literally boxed my BFF… J, that’s a Paris only thing I thought???

What is the best word to play in Scrabble?
Bingos on a triple.  That’s “Word Wars” style… best documentary everrrrrr…

What is your best quality?
My personality.  Everything else is iffy, jk.  :)

Who makes you laugh?
Mr. Wonderful, Shark Tank is the besttttttt

What is the secret to great sex?
Being in love.  Or pornhub.  :)

Besides lettuce, what are your two favorite salad ingredients?
Avocado and Onions.  Will get tossed.

What is your favorite word today?
Unlived, just used in scrabble today.  Bingo on a triple.

What is your favorite exercise to do at the gym?
Stepmill backwards, Page 6.

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Count Chocula, Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger
Fuck Captain Crunch, peanut butter cuts my mouth, but still sooo good.  Kill chocula, never had it.  Marry Tony T like he always said grrrrrreattt.