So, I’m super active, like SUPER active.  Let me tell you, the great wall is no joke.  Great wall, bad joke hahaha So cheesy.   I’m an avid hiker, runner, and gym rat, but gosh 2 hours of stairs that are straight incline is tough.  It was the high i get on daily from green tea and the excitement of being there that trucked this corpulent frame up.  China was super cool, such a culture shock, which i love.  I usually base my big travels on places that are completely different, something I can’t relate to.  It’s not only eyeopening,  but i get a sense of gratitude.  Such different lifestyles, in some ways, I don’t think I could ever adapt to.  The place was amazing, can’t wait till I have the chance to go back and visit.   Not to be conceded, but I was hot property there, like in an over the top way.  Guys were nearly falling off their mopeds. I was only concerned because they don’t have to wear helmets and their baby, and baby mama were riding shotgun… JK :)

Yup yup,

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