Last week you got my favorite Housewives and here are my least favorite.  This list was even easier to make.  “Haters are gonna hate” these Housewives.  Hahaha…

1. Brandy (Beverly Hills) – Put your tits away and shut up.  And Ken is mine!  hahaha!

2. Melissa (New Jersey) – You’re not as cute as you think you are at all

3. Tamara (Orange County) – you’re annoying and so high school

4. Ramona (New York City) – crazy eyes, hahaha

5. Joanna (Miami) – you look better than you sound

6. Kim (Atlanta) – wig on, panties off

7. LuAnn (New York City) – google translate, helloooo

8. Teresa (New Jersey) – you’re psycho

9. Gretchen (Orange County) – You can’t sing or dress, hahaha

10. Sonya (New York City) – you’re old, put the glass down

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