Wow, recently I received bad news…. Not shocking, but bad.  About 6 months ago I rolled my ankle hiking.  I never took proper care of it, I managed to turn a sprained ankle into a broken sesamoid, oops… I was walking awkward for months, but ignored it and continued to hike and carry on as usual.  That is soooo me to do. All my friends suspected something more severe had happened after so much time passed, and I still felt pain.  I went to my usual podiatrist, whom is on the younger, sexier side, for the removal of the bone, which is necessary at this point.  That lands me a little friend called, walking boot, heyyy booot….  Dreading this like no other.  Me sitting down, cant walk if I wanted??????   Ha, this will be interesting…

I’ve seen Dan a few other times for my othodics and a cortisone shot.  This time he was ever so flirty, haha, finally….. JK.  He text me a few hours after my visit to check on me and see how i felt……   uhhhhhh,  I need a FULL exam, and I’ve been known to be a smuggler :)  Nothing at this point has happened but harmless flirting.  Stay tuned…. Theme of this surgery is, “You cut me, I suck you”, hahahaha So pervy.

Yup yup,

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