I recently contemplated sky diving again…..  After thinking about it, I decided not to.  I got away with it once, why press my luck??  I went a couple years ago in Hawaii with Richard Avery, his landing wasn’t so smooth, haha..  That’s really why I reconsidered going again, he injured his tailbone while landing…  He’s ancient mind you, so those are some fragile bones…  Although I’m a young stud, I can’t risk damaging my money maker, half true :)   The experience was amazing, took me out of my comfort zone, I’m extremely afraid of heights..  There was a lot of waiting around before the dive, gave me plenty of time to get stoned and worry.  Pot doesn’t help the worry part fyi….  Once we were in the plane, it was so fast how they just shuffled you out, no time to chicken out, not saying I would have……  My instructor had to remind me to breathe, once I did I was all good. You know I was back to my normal self when I was trying to flash the camera guy, haha. Ho at any altitude baby!


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