My fascination for adorning bras started years ago, probably before I even had boobs and I was a stuffer haha.  My best friend and I would post ads at JoAnne Crafts and other similar stores for a seamstress.  We were 16 years old or so when we struck gold, only problem was the lady didn’t speak any English.   At the time, we had no money and she barely charged any money so we made it work.  Her daughter would translate and 80% of the time we got what we asked for.  It’s so funny and random that we would have her make an inordinate amount of stripper clothes and had no idea what we were eventually going to do with them.  It allllllll makes sense now, I guess I didn’t feel my slutty bones that early on haha JK.

I just started taking sewing lessons and this is my first creation…..

I was drunk when I did one entire cup, then drunk again 5 months later when I did the other.  The original cup used 12 sets of feathers, and the second, which I think matches pretty well, only used 7.   One cup feels heavier too, haha.  Maybe it was deliberate to match my lopsided boobies,  I was sew drunk haha :)


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