One of my favorite things to do is get stoned and watch all cities of The Real Housewives… Shows are good!  They’re all train wrecks in their own way.  I love how cheesy their opening tag lines are… “Haters are gonna hate”, is the best.  Mine would be, “I look like I’m 13, but I fuck like I’m 40”.  Haha, sums it up.  Here’s a list of my 10 favorite wives…

1. Heather (Orange County) – Love champs!

2. Lisa (Beverly Hills) – I want to get giggy with Ken

3. Kyle (Beverly Hills) – Jealous you bang Mauricio haha

4. NeNe (Atlanta) – I’m rich bitch

5. Adriana (Miami) – You dress cute!

6. Vicki (Orange County) – You’re kind of weird, but I like you

7. Kim (Atlanta) – You’re ghetto, but my boo likes you

8. Kim (Beverly Hills) – Bitch gets tosseddddd

9. Teresa (New Jersey) – She may be more delusional than me NAT

10.  Elsa (Miami) – You know I’m all about psychics!!

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