One the funnest places I have been to is Amsterdam.  You know where I went first right?  Red light district…  No, that was second, barely wanted to check in to the hotel first haha.  The coffee shops..  Nothing like a joint for breakfast, eager much :)  It was so fun to actually sit down and enjoy smoking in a public place, rather than hot boxing the car and hurrying inside, which I’ve been know to do.  Another highlight of the trip was meeting Susie…  I knew I was going to see a girl with my friend, I just wanted to talk to one.  And maybe watch her jerk him off too…. I chose Susie because she was doing some creepy lizard thing with her tongue in the window, she was so aggressive, it was hot.  She was really thin, and fairly attractive.  I asked her tons of questions, but she could barely understand what I was saying, no english.  Break out the lube then…. She was jerking my friend off and saying, “I wannnnnnnaaa fuckkk”, funniest thing ever, if watching that wasn’t good already…  She was obviously saying because it costs more money.   No chance I wanted either of us to participate.  I did smoke some of her joint with her and felt all dizzy.  Not too smart huh….  I was drugged by a prostitute, sounds pretty fitting JK.  I wasn’t too upset with her giving me a joint laced with LSD, I went back to her again the next night.   Bad move for Susie wearing the same outfit…..  Ew.


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