I just did leech therapy for the first time, wow was it interesting.  I had eight leeches on me at a time, except one fell off because I kept having to go pee.  The guy was pretty annoyed with that, and I kept asking a thousand questions while my friend filmed and snapped pictures haha.  That was probably the longest 45 minutes of his life.  The leeches didn’t hurt at all, every so often I’d feel a tingling sensation but nothing close to being painful.  It was amazing to see them expand as the time passed.  I guess I make everything that touches me grow haha JK.  The leeches suck out your bad blood, it’s very detoxifying, which I’m into..   And toxic too sometimes :)   In a single session it removed 50-60ml of blood, after seeing my bandages add another 30.  I did a mask with the blood from the leeches, which older people usually do to tighten skin.  Works wonders, he just Benjamin Buttoned my ass haha….


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