backkkkkkLast year around this time I was having a sexy man take broken bones out of my foot… sadly no other boning has taken place.  Good news is I’m running again!  I have been loyal to Asics for many years until recently.  One of my many boyfriends introduced me to a shoe by Nike and it’s amazing!  I wanted to hate it at first because I don’t like change, but it’s so good I can’t.  I describe it as light and aqua sock-ish, but looks like a normal shoe.  It is far more stylish than my Asics, which may not be a good thing.  Asics are so ugly no matter what color or style, so I feel like they’d make me run faster so you wouldn’t notice, haha.  Thunder thighs I will no longer have to disguise… get your swooshhhh on.


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