Yo!  What do you get when you mix Audrey, New Jersey, the W Hotel and Me?  A great 24 hours!!!  In our latest adventures Audrey & I invaded the great state of New Jersey & the city of Hoboken.  As always we checked in and made a BIG mess.  Every time we shoot it just gets messy and by the end of the shoot we both dread cleaning it up.  There is price to pay for everything and ours is cleaning up the BIG mess.  Trust me you do NOT want to be there.

This time around we tried some news things.  Audrey brought wigs and some fresh crazy outfits.  I do have to say seeing her as a blonde freaked me out a bit.  Honestly, did not like it, but it was for fun and it worked.  We also waited for sunrise so we could get a great shot on the balcony facing Manhattan.  It was fucking crazy and worth it.  The shots are amazing!!!

In the end, we win every time because we always have fun and it shows with everything we do.  Keep checking back to AudreyBitoni.com to see our great results!!!

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