03_q&a*** For 2014 we are going to ask Audrey some random crazy questions every month to get her thoughts & opinions.  You can check out February’s here, but right now… here’s March’s…

Do you believe in angels?
Yes, one saved me in Australia.  haha

What makes a great fuck?
Being in love.

Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?
Mark Cuban, it’s sexy how smart and successful he is.  I use Shark Tank as porn sometimes.  :)

What do you do to show a man that you like him?
I get super shy and self conscious around people I’m attracted to.  Lights off, panties on…

Who is your favorite sports star?
Cristiano Ronaldo.  I don’t know if I love his face or soccer skills more, grrrrrrrr!

How BIG is too big?
Anything over 6 inches is too much, especially on a regular basis.

What is your favorite Scrabble word?
Za!  Kind of a cheater word, but I love pizza, haha.

Are you ever gonna do anal?

What is your favorite thing right now?
Organic Avenue.  Toxins in toxins out… Haha.

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster.
I’d fuck Yolanda and pull on her extensions for always being a bitch.  I’d marry Kim because you know we’d be having a goodddd time all the time haha.  I’d kill Brandi because she’s so gross and lame and dumb.  She has had a few funny moments though, but ewe.