I travel all the time, these are a few of my favorite cities – I got hoes in every area code, especially 323 Chris nuts.

  1. New York – Jigga man’s hometown and Central Park is the shiiiitttt.
  2. Los Angeles – That’s my hood yo.
  3. Newport Beach – Tandem bikes, which will be Richard Avery’s demise muhahahaa .  Then I’ll go for a pita.  Pita Pit is the spot.
  4. Madrid – Put my lacking of Rosetta Stone to use.   Mas agua por favor.
  5. Maldives – Chasing sharks.
  6. Nairobi – Massa Mara
  7. San Jose – uhhh not the by the bay haha Costa Rica baby.  Zip lines, scarryyyyyy.
  8. Santorini – ATV’s are amazing, especially after two glasses of champagne, oops.
  9. Beijing – The great wall turned my butt into a great ass haha.  Those steps are no joke.
  10. Ibiza – Brain dead,  unce unce unce

Yup yup,

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