These make me happy, happy, happy…

  1. Hands down, Target – If only they sold LV…
  2. New Eastern Spa in NYC –  Best rub down EVER. Law is amazing, wish he would  “credit card me” more often…
  3. Eaton Canyon – Get my hike on.  Get my sweat onnnnnnnn, and sometimes my smoke on… Shhhhhh don’t tell Smokey the bear.
  4. Baja Fresh – Good at any time or place, best in my mouth though.
  5. LV store or even online :) – Omg I want everything…. Hint hint.
  6. Waimea Bay – I’ll let you blow up my raft.
  7. Adidas Store – I’ll take one in every color.
  8. Trader Joe’s – If it isn’t from Trader Joe’s or Baja Fresh– Not interested.
  9. Wellness Center – Make me pretty… Or prettier..  Yup.
  10. Closet (Members only) – Chris, Ken, and Barbie.  *Cameras allowed :)


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