I am excited that the NBA season is back as basketball is my favorite sport by far.  I go to a ton of games so you can always find me at one.  I even own my own basketball hoop in my backyard.  I can ball!!!  There are a lot of interesting match-ups this season and I really believe there isn’t a clear cut winner or easy road to the NBA title this season.  So here are my picks for this upcoming season:

Regular Season MVP: Lebron James

Eastern Conference Finals: Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat
I think the Miami Heat are a lock to make the East Finals. Adding two shooters in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis will only help the Big Three. Chicago had a great season last year until Derrick Rose fell to an injury which destroyed their title hopes last year. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the Boston Celtics(my favorite team!) or the New York Knicks (who are are off to a hot start) found their way to play Heat for the spot in the finals. I also think the Brooklyn Nets will surprise a lot of people. Even though I hate the Miami Heat, they are pretty scary this year and I don’t see anyone dethroning them.
Pick: Miami Heat in 6

Western Conference Finals: Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunders
My hometown Lakers revamped their roster adding my favorite big man Dwight Howard and former MVP Steve Nash. This is pretty much a new team and I am look forward to seeing how they will mesh together despite the rough start to the season. OKC will come back with the same core looking for revenge. Kevin Durant is a monster and I think the Lakers might still have trouble guarding point guards. However Kobe has a few more years left and I think he will make that push for another title shot!
Pick: Los Angeles Lakers in 6

NBA Finals: Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat
We finally have a Kobe-Lebron finals match-up. This will be tough for both teams but I have to go for my team.
Pick: Los Angeles Lakers in 7 (Kobe wins Finals MVP)

Can’t wait to give Dwight Howard a warmmmmm welcoming to LA :)


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