bg_nbaWe’re past the all-star break and the trade deadline (No blockbuster trades. How boring?!)  Which means that things are really starting to HEAT up in the NBA and I thought now would be a good time to review and update my early season predictions.

Regular Season MVP: I’m sticking with my earlier call on Lebron James. Bron is playing amazing ball and he’s making it look effortless.

Eastern Conference Finals: New York Knicks vs Miami HEAT

I still think the Miami HEAT are a lock to make and win the Eastern Conference.  While I earlier thought that the Bullies would be in the mix, since D Rose has not managed to come back from his knee injury, I have to find a new challenger and it won’t be my fav Celtics because they lost Rondo to a knee injury and Paul Pierce just can’t do it alone no matter how amazing he is.  It could be Indiana, who have taken games off the Heat, but I’m going to say the Knicks will be there.  They are old, but Tyson Chandler can control the paint and ‘Melo can score on anyone.  The problem is they probably can’t do it in four out of seven games.

Pick: Miami Heat in 5

Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC is playing the best hoops in the NBA and Durant and Westbrook look unstoppable.  I still think Kobe has another title in him but I’m no longer thinking that my hometown Lakers will win it this year.  My fav big man Dwight is playing hurt, Nash is recovering from injuries and Gasol and Hill are out.  Although Kobe has had a few back-to-back 40 point nights, we can’t expect him to do that through June.  I’m also not sure an offensive minded coach is what the Lakers need when everyone knows defense wins in the NBA.  So I am looking to the Spurs who keep piling up wins.  Their blend of experience (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili), youth (Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter, Danny Green) and an MVP candidate (Tony Parker) will lead them to victory most nights, and they likely will have the top seed in the Western Conference again.  That wasn’t good enough to beat OKC last season, but this year I think they get it done all while speaking English, French and Spanish on the court!

Pick: San Antonio in 7

NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs vs Miami HEAT

Pick: Miami HEAT in 7 (Bron wins Finals MVP)

Not my favorite team, but that’s my prediction.

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