I like it, I love it, I want some more of it…..

1. Electronic Cigarettes – I’ve never smoked real cigarettes, but these are good! I usually puff on them till I get a headache, of course haha.
2. Wasabi Seaweed – They are flaky and kind of weird, but I’m into them. I usually shove 6 pieces in my mouth at a time, oink oink!!
3. Coconut Water – Undoes my Vueve dehydration. Cheers!
4. Orange Lipstick – Orange you glad I look like a scary hoe??
5. Synergy Drinks – I like them alone and mixed with champagne. Synergistically getting healthy and drunk.
6. Garlic – I make a giant garlic salad at Whole Foods, keeps the boys away…. For a minute :)
7. Nike Airmax – I can’t stay off NikeID.. I have so many pairs with my initials, AB :)
8. My Website – Better be yours too :)
9. Waterpick – That gets deeppppppp…. in my gums haha..
10. Humidifier – I put eucalyptus and tea tree oil in the water, it’s my lungs favorite thing next to pot.


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