My Adidas and me are the best team… Haha.  We are something like that though… Years ago, I began this obsession with Adidas jackets.  I have an inordinate amount, to say the least.  I have every color, even the really bright, obnoxious ones.  Those are good for directing traffic, which I do part time jk.  I’ve collected them through the years, and I always make a point to track down a store while traveling (my souvenir, instead of a shot glass).  I live in these jackets, literally. I even did a photo shoot in one.  It was one of my favorite suits out of 37 – the red and white, Cassius Clay one.  They are all super cute, but what makes them even better is, when I wear one, you get me singing the only two verses I know, from “My Adidas.” My Uh-didas baby.

Yup yup,

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