What can I say about Richard…..  I met him 6 years ago, we instantly bonded.  I will admit the first time shooting for him and saw his style, I was mortified….  It was so amazing and different from anything I’ve seen or done at that point.  I was very new to the industry at the time, so I hadn’t done much at all, I wasn’t sure I could deliver that day haha.   Looking at the pictures now, you can see the uneasiness in me.  It’s crazy to see the progression throughout the years, not only in pictures, but the friendship we have developed.  We definitely have our moments when we want to kill each other, but overall we have this special bond.  He brings out this side of me in front of the camera that I didn’t think was possible.  We’ve even used a speculum during a shoot….  doesn’t get closer than that!  Wouldn’t you guys like to see those photos hahaha….  All good under the hood :)   Us working together on my site, will give you a taste of what I’m talking about,  we are a GREAT team. :)

Yup yup,

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