bg_brazilI just got back from Brazil, i loved it minus losing my ring.  It was New Years, I guess I was having too much fun on the beach or too much alcohol, that’s where it disappeared.  It was super special to me and super $$$$.  There’s going to be one lucky Brazilian if they find it!  I was jogging the next day and thought I saw someone with a metal detector so I started to go towards him to let him know where there may be a possible goldmine, hahaha.  It was a rake not a metal detector, sad day for him hahah.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing Christ.  So amazingggggg, hiking up the hill made it even better, haha.  I got a cool lime green replica to guard all my lucky pennies.  :-)  Another highlight was seeing the wall where Justin Bieber got in trouble for graffitiing.  Those topless pictures by the wall almost got me raped.  :-)  I don’t think I’ve ever been so enthusiastic to tweet and multiple hashtags, what what???

The trip was amazing and super neat to experience their New Years celebration… I went offfff on two cheeseburgers after, hahah — It’s the year of cellulite apparently.  Whoopsie.  GFU Josie.