I did leech therapy again.  I wasn’t sure I reaped the benefits last time, considering I did the opposite of what the aftercare instructions were.  Not surprising right??  I had him put a few more leeches on me this visit, even got crazy and had 2 put on my face!  They attached to the outer nostrils, that wasn’t the first time I’ve had a bloody nose, haha.  Every other time it hasn’t been from something as salubrious.  :)  I definitely felt a difference this time health wise and my skin looks even more amazing, jk.  He used older leeches this time which are able to draw more blood, they were huge!!  One fell from behind my ear, landed on my chest and was poking around.  What a smart leech!  I will say, feeling it’s slimy, wormlike self crawl all over me was the first time I was a little creeped out by the process.  And you know I love creepyyyyyy, can’t wait to go again!!