Al is my favorite fan ever. We met a few years ago when I first started feature dancing.  Since then we’ve became friends, I even turned him into a pothead :)  My whole crew has to smoke pot, that’s how I roll, haha.  Al has been to the majority of my shows, some of which were in rural, undesirable places throughout  country.  He travels from Toronto to see me, and that shows his devotion.  Not only does he make the long journeys, but he showers me with gifts.  He always bring me these sweet, personal gifts, backed up by Tiffany jewelry :)  Al is great with all the ladies, not just me.  Every now and then he gives me a homemade porn, which makes me laugh because on one DVD, there will be like 3 different chicks..  He works at a strip club, so I’m sure  a few of the girls are his coworkers (get it boy haha).  As you all know, I’m a perv and totally watched the DVDs from start to finish.  Al has some moves, he can lay it down.  Al, you’re a stud, thank you for being my super fan, I love you!


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