is Closing

Sad to start off the 2016 like this, but will be closing in 30 days!  Yes, thats right.  Audrey is moving on to bigger and better things.  We both sat down to discuss this site and the future of this site.  We both realized that we both were moving on to doing other things [...]

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WE Heart Reena & So Should YOU

JULILAND NEWS: The Juliland Universe is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our adult playground, the lovely Reena Sky!  This Nor Cal native took the adult industry by storm when she officially started her career in 2006.  While she may have several years under her belt, Reena still refuses to call herself a “porn star.”  [...]

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Calling All Erotic Writers, Porn Enthusiasts & Sexual Adventurists!

I want you.  I want you to give it to me relentlessly, confidently, and intellectually.  I want your tongue, your words, your passion, your thoughts.  I want it all, honey.  Because after all, there’s nothing sexier than a good mind and a great idea.  So would you be so kind and give it to me?  [...]

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The Time I Popped His Cherry

The experience was neither memorable nor stimulating, but as I sit here at my computer, I try my very hardest to recall the time I popped his cherry.  Our relationship (if you’d even call it that) was quickly over after a couple months of fogging up the windows of my Toyota Rav4.  The seats would [...]

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