1.  The Great Wall of China – Shhhhhh!
  2.  Parasailing in Oahu –  I was dry at the top, you could see it trickle down.
  3.  Ventura Blvd while driving –  Traffic was so bad that I couldn’t pull over so I peed in a Forever 21 bag.
  4.  Richard Avery’s Sleep number bed – What number is that??
  5.  In my gummy jar – They were all yellow now haha!
  6.  Best Western coffee pot – Caffeine free baby.  You know I had 2 glasses.
  7.  In a closet on JVR – shit gets weirddddd when we hang.
  8.  Central Park – right after my friend was arrested for smoking pot, haha.  It was my weed, oops!
  9.  My bed – bought a mattress protector, learned real fast.
  10.  On Chris C. – Yeahhhh I run this!

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