Turns out I’m not the only pot-smoking, wig wearing, NYC roaming “AB” out there… Sad thing is… The other is Amanda Bynes… WOW, that girl.  She took bits and pieces of every train wreck we’ve seen.  Her best move was copying my lover Brit Brit by shaving her head.  Her face isn’t even cute enough to pull off a bald head or that haggard wig!  Better grow that hair back fast to give Drake something to tug on.  She needs to get her real thug on and have Lil’ Wayne murder her vagina, that apparently someone from the NYPD slapped.  Don’t worry, she’s suing them, along with her parents, TMZ, US Weekly, Perez Hilton and her apartment building… HaHaHa… and people say I’m weird.  R.I.P. to your bong Amanda, come over and hit mine. :-)

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