My best friend friend and I went to Australia over Thanksgiving.  The two highlights were an ATV tour and discovering Tim Tams.  I still haven’t tried a Tim Tam, but I can’t stop saying it and calling everyone I know one, makes no sense but I love it, haha.

The ATV tour was amazing, they didn’t know what they were getting into until I got the keys!  I of course insisted on driving and my best friend was my passenger.  I tried to have her record the entire trip, but she was too scared the phone would fall out with my erratic driving, haha.  I was tailgating everyone, we had so much dirt in our mouths and you could hear pebbles hit our helmets.  Ridin’ dirty, just like in LA. :)


The lowlight of the trip was dislocating my elbow.  Luckily it was towards the end of the trip so it didn’t ruin everything, but I wasn’t able to go diving. :(  That was pretty disappointing, especially since that was the main reason of going there.  The accident happened while I was waterskiing with a Tim Tam, hahaha… three people know what’s really up. :)