Dead or alive I want to give you a high-five.

  1. Albert Einstein – Maybe he can give me the “O” I so desperately want.
  2. Britney Spears – Hot mess and I LOVE her.  I bet she can give me an “O”…….  Followed by—- Oops, she did it again. :)
  3. Michael Jordan – I want a discount on Fantasy Camp…. JK
  4. Wayne Dyer – I need to speak spooky to him…
  5. Nancy Grace – I need some tips on being a super bitch…  I say that with all kindness, I love, love, love her.  She needs your vote.
  6. Dwight Howard – Use me and abuse me hahahah Not kidding.
  7. Chelsea Handler – She is so me and my best friend.
  8. Baby Hank – Go Kendra.
  9. Anna Nicole Smith – So I can tell her my best friend loves her.  And she is going to copy her beauty mark.
  10.   “It”- The baby I dropped off at the fire department 3 years ago.  No questions asked….. TOTALLY joking.
  11. Lil‘ Wayne – Smoke city, puff puff.

Yup yup,

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