My girlfriend and I had just arrived in Buenos Aires, two hotties on the prowl haha.   We hurried to get settled, then headed out to explore.   There were two guys in the elevator from America. I made a joke to my friend that we’d be hooking up with them later, one because they spoke English and secondly because there were two of them.  As we all exited the hotel, we noticed fans waiting.  Groupies with curly wigs and “Slash” T-shirts on.  I looked at her and asked, “who is Slash??”.  Dumb and dumber, she didn’t know either.   It wasn’t until we were in the sauna later that a lady told us Slash, from Guns and Roses was staying there.  Her and I started cracking up and told her we saw him in the first hour of being there.  Now, we really were going to hook up with them, I have to show him “Sweet tits O’ mine”…. Haha.  Sad thing is, even now knowing he’s from Guns and Roses, still doesn’t ring a bell….    Ding, Dingy, Dong!!!


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